Hands on 4 - Updating

    The goal of this hands-on is to:

    • leverage auto-update feature
    • boot an old version of Flatcar (stable-3374.2.5 for example)
    • provision with ignition from hands-on-2
    • control the update

    Hint: two services are used:

    • update-engine.service: to download the update from a release server (Nebraska)
    • locksmithd.service: to handle the reboot strategy


    # download a previous version of Flatcar and the qemu helper
    $ wget https://stable.release.flatcar-linux.net/amd64-usr/3602.2.0/flatcar_production_qemu_image.img
    $ wget https://stable.release.flatcar-linux.net/amd64-usr/3602.2.0/flatcar_production_qemu.sh
    $ chmod +x flatcar_production_qemu.sh
    # boot the instance with the nginx Ignition from a previous lab
    $ ./flatcar_production_qemu.sh -i ../hands-on-2/config.json -- -display curses
    # assert that `locksmithd.service` and `update-engine` are up and running
    $ systemctl status update-engine.service locksmithd.service
    # check the release number
    $ cat /etc/os-release
    # to accelerate the update, we can force it. NOTE: it's not required to do this in "real life" it's just to avoid waiting minutes before downloading the update!
    $ update_engine_client -update
    # once rebooted
    # check the release number
    $ cat /etc/os-release
    # assert that nginx is still running
    $ curl localhost