Hands on 2 - Provisioning

    The goal of this hands-on is to:

    • provision a local Flatcar instance
    • write Butane configuration
    • generate the Ignition configuration
    • boot the instance with the config

    This is what we’ve done in the previous hands-on but now it’s done as code, we want to deploy an Nginx container serving a “hello world” static webpage. As a reminder, Ignition configuration is used to provision a Flatcar instance, it’s JSON file generated from a Butane configuration (YAML).


    • Clone the tutorial repository and cd into it: git clone https://github.com/flatcar/flatcar-tutorial ; cd flatcar-tutorial/hands-on-2
    • Open ./config.yaml and find the TODO section.
    • Add the following section (from https://coreos.github.io/butane/examples/#files):
        - path: /var/www/index.html
            inline: Hello world
    • Transpile the Butane configuration (config.yaml) to Ignition configuration (config.json) - it is possible to use the Butane binary or the Docker image
    $ docker run --rm -i quay.io/coreos/butane:latest < config.yaml > config.json
    • Use a fresh Flatcar image from the previous hands-on (or download again). NOTE: Ignition runs at first boot, it won’t work if you reuse your the previously booted image, always decompress again each time you change your Ignition config.
    cp -i --reflink=auto ../hands-on-1/flatcar_production_qemu_image.img.fresh flatcar_production_qemu_image.img
    chmod +x flatcar_production_qemu.sh
    • Start the image with Ignition configuration (-i ./config.json)
    ./flatcar_production_qemu.sh -i ./config.json -- -display curses
    • Once on the instance, assert nginx works correctly (curl localhost or systemctl status nginx.service)