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What is a Container Linux?

The introduction of container-based infrastructure was a paradigm shift. A Container-optimized Linux distribution is the best foundation for cloud native infrastructure.

A minimal OS image only includes the tools needed to run containers. No package manager, no configuration drift.


Delivering the OS on an immutable filesystem eliminates a whole category of security vulnerabilities.


Automated atomic updates mean you get the latest security updates and open source technologies.

The Container Infrastructure OS

Flatcar Container Linux is designed from the ground up for running container workloads. It fully embraces the container paradigm, including only what is required to run containers.

Immutable infrastructure

Your immutable infrastructure deserves an immutable Linux OS. With Flatcar Container Linux, you manage your infrastructure, not your configuration.

Designed to scale

Flatcar Container Linux includes tools to manage large-scale, global infrastructure. You can manage update polices, versions and group instances with ease.

Reduced complexity

With containers, dependencies are packaged and delivered in container images. This makes package managers unnecessary and simplifies the OS.

Secure by Design

Flatcar Container Linux's built-in security features, minimal design and automated updates provide a strong foundation for your infrastructure's security strategy.

Security patch automation

Running the latest security patches is crucial to removing potential vulnerabilities. Flatcar Container Linux’s automated updates does this for you.

Immutable filesystem

By making the system partition read-only, Flatcar Container Linux eliminates a whole class of high-impact security vulnerabilities.

Minimal attack surface

Flatcar Container Linux includes only what is required to run containers. By minimizing the size and complexity of the OS, the attack surface is also reduced.

Automated Updates

With Flatcar Container Linux, you'll always be running the most stable, secure and up-to-date Flatcar version by taking advantage of the automated, atomic update feature.

Self-driving updates

Flatcar Container Linux uses the same reliable update mechanism as Google’s ChromeOS to provide safe, secure and automated system updates.

Always up-to-date

With Flatcar Container Linux’s automated updates, you’ll benefit from always running the most stable, secure and feature-rich version of the OS.

Managed updates

The Nebraska update server allows for defining instance groups, assigning update channels and controlling the frequency, time of day and rate of updates.

Migrating from CoreOS Container Linux

Drop-in replacement for CoreOS

Flatcar Container Linux is directly derived from CoreOS, enabling seamless in-place migration.

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Migrating from CoreOS Container Linux

Upgrading to Flatcar Container Linux is the same as a CoreOS update.

CoreOS to Flatcar migration demo

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