Hands on 3 - Deploying

    The goal of this hands-on is to:

    • deploy Flatcar instances with IaC (Terraform)
    • manipulate Terraform code
    • write Flatcar provisioning with Terraform
    • deploy Flatcar on OpenStack with Terraform

    This is a bundle of hands-on-1 and hands-on-2 but it’s not a local deployment and everything is as code.


    git clone https://github.com/flatcar/flatcar-tutorial; cd flatcar-tutorial/hands-on-3
    # go into the terraform directory
    cd terraform
    # update the config for creating index.html from previous hands-on
    vim server-configs/server1.yaml
    # init the terraform project locally
    terraform init
    # get the credentials and update the `terraform.tfvars` consequently
    # generate the plan and inspect it
    terraform plan
    # apply the plan
    terraform apply
    # go on the horizon dashboard and connect with terraform credentials
    # find your instance

    One can assert that it works by accessing the console (click on the instance then “console”)

    NOTE: it’s possible to SSH into the instance but at the moment, it takes a SSH jump through the openstack (devstack) instance.

    ssh -J user@[DEVSTACK-IP] -i ./.ssh/provisioning_private_key.pem -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null core@[SERVER-IP]

    To destroy the instance:

    # if you are happy, destroy everything
    terraform destroy