Container Runtimes

    Flatcar Container Linux supports all of the popular methods for running containers, and you can choose to interact with the containers at a low-level, or use a higher level orchestration framework. These guides can help you choose and use the different container runtimes supported.

    Getting started with Docker

    Basic Docker operations on Flatcar

    Getting started with Kubernetes

    Operate Kubernetes from Flatcar

    Switching to Unified Cgroups

    Overview of changes necessary to use unified cgroups with Kubernetes

    Customizing Docker

    How to select which runtime to use, make docker available on a TCP socket, enable TLS, and other customizations.

    Using a custom Docker or containerd version (LEGACY)

    How to download and run a different version of docker or containerd than the one shipped by Flatcar.

    Authenticating to Container Registries

    Configuration examples for authenticating to different container registries.