Hands on 1 - Discovering

    The goal of this hands-on is to:

    • locally run a Flatcar instance
    • boot the instance and SSH into
    • run Nginx container on the instance


    # create a working directory
    mkdir flatcar; cd flatcar
    # get the qemu helper
    wget https://stable.release.flatcar-linux.net/amd64-usr/current/flatcar_production_qemu.sh
    # get the latest stable release for qemu
    wget https://stable.release.flatcar-linux.net/amd64-usr/current/flatcar_production_qemu_image.img
    # create a backup to always have a fresh image around
    mv flatcar_production_qemu_image.img flatcar_production_qemu_image.img.fresh
    # make the qemu helper executable
    chmod +x flatcar_production_qemu.sh
    # before starting, make sure you boot a fresh image
    cp -i --reflink=auto flatcar_production_qemu_image.img.fresh flatcar_production_qemu_image.img
    # starts the flatcar image in console mode
    ./flatcar_production_qemu.sh -- -display curses

    NOTE: it’s possible to connect to the instance via SSH:

    $ cat ~/.ssh/config
    Host flatcar
    	User core
    	StrictHostKeyChecking no
    	UserKnownHostsFile /dev/null
    	Port 2222
    $ ssh flatcar

    Once on the instance, you can try things and run a docker image:

    # run an nginx docker image
    docker run --rm -p 80:80 -d nginx
    # assert it works
    curl localhost