Customizing Flatcar

    Guides and examples on typical customizations done on Flatcar instances. Including managing users, the DNS configuration, kernel modules, network parameters and more.

    Adding users

    How to create additional user accounts, either manually or with Butane configs.

    Configuring date and time zone

    How to configure date, timezone and time synchronization.

    DNS Configuration

    How DNS resolution works and how to setup local DNS caching.

    Kernel modules and other settings

    How to configure kernel modules, sysctl parameters, and other common Flatcar settings.

    Using NVIDIA GPUs on Flatcar

    How to use and customize the NVIDIA driver on Flatcar

    Network configuration with networkd

    How to setup static networking, turn on/off ipv4/ipv6, and debugging tips.

    Customizing the etcd unit

    How to setup etcd to use client certificates.

    Tuning Flatcar Container Linux power management

    How to choose the CPU governor to use.

    Handle ACPI events

    Enable acpid and handle ACPI events