Constants and IDs

    This document contains well-known constants and IDs used by Flatcar Container Linux.

    Omaha application ID

    This UUID is used to identify Container Linux to the update service, i.e. as an appid over the Omaha protocol .

    Label Value Notes
    Container Linux e96281a6-d1af-4bde-9a0a-97b76e56dc57 -

    GPT partition types

    These GUIDs are dedicated GPT partition types for specific Container Linux usages.

    Label Value Notes
    coreos-usr 5dfbf5f4-2848-4bac-aa5e-0d9a20b745a6 Alias for historical coreos-rootfs, currently used for /usr only
    coreos-resize 3884dd41-8582-4404-b9a8-e9b84f2df50e Support for auto-resizing via extend-filesystems, current default type for /
    coreos-reserved c95dc21a-df0e-4340-8d7b-26cbfa9a03e0 Reserved for OEM usage, support for customizations via OEM-CONFIG partition
    coreos-root-raid be9067b9-ea49-4f15-b4f6-f36f8c9e1818 RAID partition containing a rootfs, see notes for details and limitations

    For more information on the partitioning scheme used by Flatcar Container Linux, read the disk layout documentation.