A few weeks ago we announced Flatcar Linux , our effort to create a commercially supported fork of CoreOS' container Linux . You can find the reasoning for the fork in our FAQ .

Since then we’ve been testing, improving our build process, establishing security procedures, and talking to testers about their experiences. We are now satisfied that Flatcar Linux is a stable and reliable container operating system that can be used in production clusters.

Open to the public

Thus, today we are ready to open Flatcar Linux to the public. Thanks to our testers for testing and providing feedback. We look forward to more feedback and community feedback now that Flatcar is more widely available.

For information about release and signing keys, please see the new Releases and the image signing key pages.

Filing issues or feature requests

You can use the Flatcar repository to file any issue or feature request you may have.

Flatcar Linux documentation

We are also happy to announce the initial release of our Flatcar Documentation . You can find information about installing and running Flatcar there.

Commercial support for Flatcar Linux

In the coming weeks we will be providing details of commercial support for Flatcar Linux. Please contact [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]?subject=Flatcar Linux support inquiry") if you are interested in commercial support.

Communication channels

We’ve created a mailing list and IRC channels to facilitate communications between users and developers of Flatcar Linux.

Please join those to talk about Flatcar Linux and discuss any issues or ideas you have. We look forward to hearing from you there!

Flatcar Linux @ Kubecon EU

The Kinvolk team will be on hand at Kubecon EU to discuss Flatcar Linux. Come by booth SU-C23 and say “Hi!”.


Flatcar Linux would not exist without Container Linux. Thanks to the CoreOS team for building it and we look forward to continued cooperation with their team.

Please follow Kinvolk and the Flatcar Linux project on twitter to stay informed about commercial support and other Flatcar Linux updates in the coming weeks and months.

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